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In our lives, animals and birds hold immense importance, providing solace and fulfilling vital roles across various domains. From dairy farms to hatcheries, poultry farms to pisciculture, animals are indispensable to the supply and demand of animal products. AHPL, West Bengal’s sole Government Registered Animal Pathology Laboratory, has been delivering premier Animal Pathology services for over a decade, catering to West Bengal, including Kolkata. With advanced equipment and seasoned professionals, AHPL guarantees precise pathology test results, employing animal-specific reagents and tools. Human pathology agents are unsuitable for animals due to differing parameter values. AHPL’s precise test reports empower veterinarians in offering effective animal care. Their test portfolio encompasses Liver Function, Kidney Function, cardiac profiles, and more. Additionally, AHPL conducts specialized tests like Parvo, Distemper, Feline Leukemia, among others.
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